ScubaFit: Bringing Fitness to Life
In addition to improving health and quality of life, physical fitness for scuba diving:

  • Improves transportation of oxygen to muscles
  • Reduces amount of air used
  • Extends dive time
  • Increases physical endurance and reduces fatigue
  • Facilitates carrying less weight
  • Improves mental acuity
  • Reduces the risk of decompression sickness (DCS)
  • Improves agility on boats and uneven terrain
  • Improves comfort and movement on the surface and underwater
  • Improves fin-kick efficiency and diving performance

ScubaFit® Features:

ScubaFit® Diver Certification
The ScubaFit® Diver Course offers new opportunities for divers, dive instructors and fitness professionals alike to improve health, performance and safety and increase diving participation. Divers who are fit are much more likely to enjoy their diving experience and to dive more often.
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ScubaFit® Diver Instructor Certification
At the SCUBA SHOW on June 7, 2013 in Long Beach
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Instructor Directory
Are you interested in an instructor dedicated to health, fitness and an active scuba diving lifestyle? Search to find ScubaFit® dive and fitness instructors in your area.

Dive Instructor Insurance
The ScubaFit® solution for dive professionals dedicated to fitness for diving.

FitDiver: Performance Above and Below
FitDiver® is more than a fitness program for scuba divers; it is a way of life. FitDiver® Workouts are based on sound research including a health profile of the diving community and the unique physiological demands of the underwater environment. Scuba diving is often considered moderate-intensity activity. Yet, there are differences in the physical requirements for diving depending on the type of diving and the conditions. Diving may be recreational, technical, industrial or military. Conditions vary greatly in water temperature, visibility, currents and surf. Further, other stresses on human physiology must be considered in an underwater environment. Along with the proper gear, divers must also prepare with proper training, including physical fitness, for safety and performance. The ultimate physical fitness recommendation for scuba divers is to be in excellent health; free from disease, medical conditions and injury. As we go through life, we often have difficulty maintaining this clean slate. It is important for divers to know how to become and remain physically fit, prevent illness and injury, and rehabilitate and manage conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, and obesity.

FitDiver® Features:

Mobile App for Scuba Diver FitnessMobile App for Scuba Diver Fitness
Fitness for diving – take it with you. Now all divers have access to our specialized workouts.  ScubaFit® debuts a series of mobile fitness applications for scuba divers.

FitDiver® Magazine
Stay motivated with the FitDiver® Magazine. Each issue is filled with timely fitness and nutrition information for divers. Tips for staying in shape, FitDiver Faves, and new exercises help keep you on track with your fitness for diving goals.
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Specialized fitness program for challenged scuba divers
DiveFit® is a series of specialty workouts designed specifically for divers with challenges that require fitness therapy or modified workouts because of illness, injury or accident. Many divers experience, orthopedic challenges associated with aging, such as arthritis; heart disease and cardiovascular illness; or excessive body weight and the associated clinical conditions. Others are challenged because of injuries sustained serving our country. Some are cancer survivors. Still others seek out the sport of diving because it offers a liberating experience and freedom from limitations presented at birth. Regardless of the need or desire for a specialized fitness program, DiveFit® workouts focus on the unique strengths of each challenged diver to overcome limitations and establish the best possible physical fitness for scuba diving.
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DiveFit® Features:

Cancer, Exercise and Scuba Diving
In addition to staying fit for scuba diving, exercise helps prevent cancer. The American Institute of Cancer Research, (AICR) “Start Where You Are” brochure of simple steps for physical activity summarizes the benefits.
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The Fin Forward Story
“I want to help people dream in color, mostly blue.” Brandon Bethea

Fin Forward focuses mostly on the emotional and therapeutic benefits gained from a shared group experience or life-changing adventure such as shark diving. Nonetheless, fitness is a key element of everything we do. As we see it, our trips are all about recreation (having fun!), resolution (sense of accomplishment), and rehabilitation (feeling better). Fin Forward focuses mostly on the emotional and therapeutic benefits gained from a shared group experience or life-changing adventure such as shark diving.
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