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MAY 2017

Scuba Show 2017
ScubaFit® Show Presentation: Healthy Diver 2017

Date: May 6-7, 2017

“The Healthy Diver 2017” Fitness from mask to fins and everything in between. Tips for how to get in shape from head-to-toe, stay in shape, and progress physical fitness from beginning to advanced, specialty and technical diving. The presentation is total wellness for diving including mind and body, how to prevent injury, recover from injury and illness, and how to prepare for a safe return to the water after a dry land departure. Join other divers for a fun upbeat session, question and answer, a fitness drawing and complimentary workout for all attendees.

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A Champion for Women and Scuba DivingInterview with Gretchen Ashton, a Champion for Women and the Sport of Diving

While some of the women spotlighted in PADI’s “Women in Diving” Series have been inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, Gretchen Ashton brings credentials beyond just her dive certifications. She was just the second woman inducted into the AAU Power Lifting Hall of Fame and has set 21 World and American records as an athlete. Eventually, she translated those skills into carrying weights in a different realm, for a different sport – underwater as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver…
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Women UnderwaterGretchen M. Ashton Guest Blog about Fitness in Diving

“I enjoyed reading your book Women Underwater; particularly the section on fitness for diving, and more specifically fitness for women divers. Often this discussion includes gender differences such as size, body shape and the unique health and medical concerns of women…”
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DEMA Member Spotlight: ScubaFit LLC
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Announcing FitDiver® Magazine
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ScubaFit® Joins Dive Zone Radio: Fitness for scuba divers on the air
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ScubaFit® launches FitDiver® Abs: Mobile fitness APP for divers
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FitDiver® Abs: Mobile Fitness App for Divers
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ScubaFit® featured in DivewireIntroducing the MERMAID WORKOUT

Diving Fitness Pro reveals secrets for women wanting to get into (or stay) in “diving shape”!

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