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Scuba Diving Newsletter
January 2014

  • ScubaFit® B2B Year in review
  • Dive Center Fitness
  • Dive Show Fitness
  • ScubaFit® on Dive Zone Radio


Scuba Diving newsletter
November 2013

  • Healthy Holiday Eating Tips for Divers
  • Aerobic Exercise Improves Mental Performance for Divers
  • FitDiver® Faves: RideFit™ Indoor Training Videos for Cyclists


Scuba Diving Newsletter
August 2013

  • ScubaFit® Dives Roatan
  • Dive Center Fitness: Introducing clients to fitness for diving is good business
  • Upcoming Events
  • FitDiver® Faves: SUBERIES Hair Care Products


FitDiver® Newsletters November 2012
November 2012

  • ScubaFit® in Taveuni, Fiji Islands
  • The Pomegranate Gift: A Story for the Heart
  • FitDiver® Faves: OneLove Collection Headbands
  • FitDiver® Playlist: What are your favorite workout tunes


FitDiver® Newsletters September 2012
September 2012

  • ScubaFit® in Grand Cayman
  • Yum Yum Yellow Squash
  • FitDiver® SoundTrack: What are your favorite workout tunes?
  • FitDiver® Faves: Fresh and Easy Water Bottle


FitDiver® News
January 2012

  • Scuba Divers Share Vision of Fitness: Aerobic Exercise Leads to Improved Diver Safety


FitDiver® News
January 2012

  • Pros Team Up to Bring Fitness To Divers: PADI approves brand new ScubaFit® Diver Distinctive Specialty Course
  • Preparations Continue for 1000-Mile Dive


FitDiver® News
March 2012

  • FitDiver® A Treasured Chest: ScubaFit® Brings Fitness to Divers in a Mobile Application