Is blowing raspberries good for scuba divers?

Is blowing raspberries good for scuba diversBlowing raspberries is very different than blowing bubbles while scuba diving but can still be a lot of fun. Most of us probably don’t remember the first time we blew a raspberry as part of discovering our mouth at the age of just four to five months old. We most often blow raspberries to make others laugh because of the sound and the tickling sensation. It is usually an intimate gesture as it involves using the lips and tongue on another person’s belly to make a “pbbbt” sound. Although it originated in cockney slang, blowing a raspberry is widely and cross-culturally understood and practiced.

Similar breathing techniques are practiced during childbirth, by woodwind and brass musicians, yoga enthusiasts, and to help relieve shortness of breath. It is sometimes referred to as circular breathing. It requires breathing in through the nose and controlling the breath that is stored in the cheeks as it passes through pursed lips. In fact, this technique is used when playing the Digeridoo which might come in handy for divers visiting Australia. Blowing raspberries is often used to warm up for vocal performances such as singing and public speaking.

During SCUBA activities when divers are mouth breathing, circular breathing by inhaling through the nose is not possible and blowing raspberries into a regulator isn’t necessary. However, on dry land the technique may be one more way divers can develop breath control for relaxation underwater and optimizing use of air while diving.

The term blowing raspberries also references a raspberry tart and a sound of derision. But there is nothing condescending about the raspberry. It is an excellent source of good nutrition. Although a leaner belly may diminish the sound of blowing raspberries, eating raspberries may help divers maintain a trim waistline. One cup of raspberries has only 65 calories, 5 grams of sugar, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 grams of protein, 0.8 grams of fat, 8 grams of fiber, 186 grams of potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, Iron and Vitamin C. Nutritional properties of raspberries are also thought to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Divers can stay healthy and have fun eating and blowing raspberries.

Scuba Fitness: Labor Day is a great time for a lagoon outdoor workout

Scuba Fitness

Exercise is NOT recommended 24 hours before or after scuba diving making it challenging for divers to both dive and exercise during traditional two-day weekends. The three-day Labor Day weekend  however affords divers an opportunity to dive several times and still enjoy a scuba fitness workout. Long weekends also provide opportunities for extended exercise sessions, family fitness and fitness as part of outdoor recreation.

While scuba diving itself is not a workout, activities on or near the water that may be interesting to divers include stand-up paddle boardingsurfingkayakingcyclingbeach walking and hiking.

Many of our local lagoons are undiscovered playgrounds for the entire family. The Aqua Hedionda Lagoon in the City of Carlsbad, the location of the North Coast YMCA Aquatic Park, even allows swimming and boating. All vessels require day or annual use permits, so plan in advance. The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation is hosting its 7th Annual Lagoon Clean Up in October.  The clean up offers participants a two-hour kayak tour of the area.  Buena Vista Lagoon is a favorite of fisherman.  All the lagoons offer amazing opportunities for bird watchers and naturalists.

Once of the best forms of outdoor exercise for scuba divers is walking on the beach. South Carlsbad State Beach offers a 3.9 mile stretch of beach with moderate terrain for most ages and abilities.  Depending on the diver’s fitness level, the sand and surf, set a pace of between 12 and 20-minutes per mile. Check the tides before heading out.  Low tides for Labor Day are extremely low in the early morning and evening.  Early-to-mid morning and mid-to-late afternoon appear to be the best times for walking this weekend.

Remember to use sun protection, wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes, and bring a small snack and water.  Enjoy the long weekend.