10-Minute Sand Dollar

10 Minute Sand Dollar

Tiny sand dollar found during my beach walk.

Years ago, during one of my open water certification dives in La Jolla, California, I remember seeing my first field of sand dollars. Hundreds of dives later, I still enjoy seeing them underwater or on the beach. I affectionately call them glory dollars and think of them as gifts from the sea. Imagine my surprise when during a recent beach walk I found this tiny sand dollar. Amazing!

On this particular day I did not have time for my usual long beach walk. This tiny sand dollar reminded me that every little bit counts. Studies show that exercise bouts of just 10 minutes in duration are beneficial for overall health and reducing the risk of illness and disease. Ideal short-term exercise sessions for example include walking a mile in 12 to 20-minutes. For weight loss, longer exercise sessions at slightly higher intensity are recommended.

Even if divers cannot get outdoors for a walk, opportunities to increase physical activity can be incorporated into a daily routine by taking the stairs instead of an elevator or parking as far from entrances as possible. One of my fitness clients has just started to ride his bike to work. It is only 15-minutes each way, but this increases his physical activity by 30-minutes five days a week in addition to our training sessions together.

And there is even better news. The more divers exercise the greater the benefits. Health is no small matter, exercise is the great equalizer and the results are Amazing!